Sunday, 30 September 2012

MC Model SD MSN-04-02 Nightingale - Candy Tone Red Scheme

Link to WIP1
Link to WIP2
Link to WIP3
Link to Completed Kit Post

One less item in my backlog.
All in all, it's not bad for a bootleg brand.
Would have been better if the arms have more articulation or more weaponries though.

Additional work done since last WIP:
- Handpainted the silver and yellow parts
- Panel-lined Black
- Stickers (don't have waterslide for this)
- Didn't do any top coat as test run on plastic spoon spoils the candy tone effect

Do pardon me for these 2 obvious problem areas (Since this build is really to test out candy tone red):
- seamlines/nubmarks, a little lazy to redo post painting the undercoat.
- don't have water decals so used the stickers which have obvious borders.

Start off with the picture with the best pose (in my humble opinion)

Comparing snapfit with painted build

All the photos taken

Saturday, 29 September 2012

WIP 3: MC Model SD MSN-04-02 Nightingale

Link to WIP1
Link to WIP2
Link to WIP3 
Link to Completed Kit Post

Spray painted with these spray cans used:
Main body: Anchor undercoat silver + Anchor Candy Red
Thrusters: RJ Chrome; Tamiya yellow
Weapon/Shield/Pipes etc: Anchor Black; Anchor White
Exposed body parts/joints: Tamiya Gunmetal

Missed smoothing out some parts and the paint didn't cover all areas evenly (not visible on the photos) - some improvements required there.
Still need some hand-painting + panel lining to complete this.