Saturday, 12 January 2013

WIP1: 1/100 MG Age 1 Normal - Unbox

Link to WIP1 
Link to WIP2

First MG kit for the year (2013)

Box Art

Manual (selective pages)


Runners (14x)

1/100 MG MSM 03 Gogg - Blue/Grey Scheme

Link to WIP1
Link to WIP2
Link to WIP3
Link to WIP4
Link to WIP5
Link to Completed Kit

Ended up using Blue + Grey + Chrome for the color scheme + flat topcoat.
Recently bought a small compressor + airbrush from Taobao to try out ABing.
Was quite troublesome pulling cables etc to use it outside of my house.
It was quite fun trying this out though, the paint layer is definitely thinner using AB.
Think I'm more used to spray cans though so pardon the poor paint job on some of the areas.

Another thing with this is a constant occurrence of scratched paint...
Think the older MG designs have lots of connecting parts that tends to scratch each other.

Favorite picture in this lot

Comparing snapfit to painted build

Profile shots

Other shots

Sunday, 6 January 2013

WIP 2: MC Model SD Hi-Nu Gundoom - Snapfit

Link to WIP 1
Link to WIP 2
Link to WIP 3
Link to Completed Kit

Done snapfit.
Have to say that MC Model is getting better at the casting.
Not much of a problem fitting the parts (unlike the previous SD Gundooms, which had issues with the LED setups).

A little disappointed though with the weapons variety, apparently the pictures towards the end of the manual are just "pictures"/possibilities, no bazooka etc...
Overall quite a good kit for an SD with good details.

PS: 2 small parts that cannot be removed once fitted are not attached (See the holes on the front armor and skirt).

Friday, 4 January 2013

WIP 1: MC Model SD Hi-Nu Gundoom - Unboxing

Link to WIP 1
Link to WIP 2
Link to WIP 3
Link to Completed Kit

First kit for 2013 (excluding those carry over from 2012).

Will likely go with an orange color scheme for this one.

Box Art


Effect Parts / Stickers / Decals / LED
- hmmm, the batteries provided are leaking, looks like I've to get new ones...

Runners (15 in total include 2 for the stand)