Friday, 30 November 2012

MC Model 1/144 Model Anaklusmos - Yellow Scheme

Link to WIP 1
Link to WIP 2
Link to WIP 3
Link to WIP 4
Completed Kit

Pardon me for the noob work on the feet.
Now it looks a bit too bulky...
Anyways, at least I learnt/tried something new.

Most representative shot imho

Snapfit vs painted build

Profile Shots

Weapon profiles

All other photos

WIP1: 1/100 MG MSM 03 Gogg - Unbox

Link to WIP1
Link to WIP2
Link to WIP3
Link to WIP4
Link to WIP5
Link to Completed Kit

Some simple plans for this (might change along the way):
Paint scheme: Dark Blue / Light gunmetal / Silver
Things to try: Scribe panel lines (the Gogg's armor do looks a bit bare); metal parts maybe

Box Art

Manual (Selected pages)

Decals (dry transfer that came with the box & water decal from Samuel)

Runners (10x)

Monday, 26 November 2012

WIP1: RG MK2 Titans - unbox

Link to WIP 1
Link to WIP 2
Link to WIP 3
Link to Completed Kit (OOB) 

Doing up a snapfit OOB for one of my RG MK2 Titans so some routine photo shots before I get busy cutting runners.


Manual (front and page for decals)

Decals (the one that came with the kit + precut water slide from Samuel)