Thought it would be good to just scribe down my learning on gunpla along the way.
Split these into categories for easier reference.

Nub Management
- Gundam Real Touch markers can help cover up nub marks if the color matches [Aug 2012]

Seam Lines
- Tried on SD kits though I don't really find the seam lines offending [Aug 2012]
- Tried using super glue instead of putty to clear some seam lines, think I'll likely stick with Putty. Positive: dry faster and better bonding. Negative: the residual (hardened part) are much tougher to clean up as compared to normal putty. [Nov 2012]

- Use grey primer for painting white colors over bright colors such as red. NOT white primer [Sep 2012]
- Black primer and white primer does give different tones to the same color but not advisable to use it as 2 different colors for one kit. The difference might be too subtle so you actually get 1 color. [Oct 2012]
Painting (Spray Can / Hand etc)
- Test color on plastic spoons before attacking the kit to avoid errors in color expectation! [Aug 2012]
- Spray thin coats (~2 coats) instead of 1 thick coat for best results [Aug 2012]
- DO NOT submerge parts into Thinner when stripping paint. This cause the plastic to weaken and the thinner parts will crack away! [Sep 2012]
- It's ok to spray paint at night if you are busy like me but beware of spraying after it rains early in the day. Will not be able to get an even coat... [Oct 2012]
- Rather than using the stickers provided, can handpaint to customize own color type using clear color paint [Nov 2012]

- Without airbrush, option is Gundam real touch markers or Tamiya weathering master [Aug 2012]
- Tried out Gundam real touch markers on SD kit, hard to get the shading feel as it's kind of "watery" [Aug 2012]
- Tried Tamiya weathering master for some shading effect. Tends to overdo areas when I'm not careful when applying on 1/144. Tough to master but definitely a feasible alternative [Oct 2012] 

Panel Lining
- Tamiya has pre-mixed black/grey/brown enamel panel wash solution which is perfect for lazy people like me! It even comes with a small brush on the cap for convenience of use [Aug 2012]
- For 1/144 kits, panel wash gives better results compared to gundam markers with thinner resultant lines [Sep 2012]

- Water decal beats dry transfer decal and stickers flat out. Done correctly, it looks as if it's painted on! Wonder if I'll ever do non-water decals, maybe for RG where the decals are not too bad. [Aug 2012]
- Using Mark Setter doesn't seem to make much difference except it helps to move the water decal around when it's about to dry. Probably also affected by the fact that I've only been doing gloss surface so far. [Aug 2012]
- Mark Softer is definitely good in helping the water decals looks more like painted on [Aug 2012]

- Spraying colors in Singapore in the evening still seem to come out ok but not top coats. Need a sunny day/morning for effect to be good. [Aug 2012]
- Always test on plastic spoon when applying gloss topcoat over silver, gold, candy tone etc. Might cause it to look dull instead of more gloss [Sep 2012] 

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